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Karen has a background in teaching and lecturing and has been an exhibiting artist since 1991 with artworks in numerous corporate and private collections both nationally and internationally.



Bed Hons Post Compulsory education - Thames Polytechnic

Certificate in Education Special Ed and Fine Art Hull College of Higher education

Advanced Diploma in Special Education-London 

Plus various units from Masters in Art Therapy, and Diploma in fine Art Perth

Introduction to Eco-Art Therapy


Solo Exhibitions:

Her solo exhibitions have explored themes such as:

Transformational moods insights often triggered by spoken word, visual image or music, which transform the way we see ourselves, or others.Journeys’ an exploration of physical and spiritual journeys into unknown or confronting terrain leading to self-discovery and growth.Vineworks and Vines 2’ a large and small-scale examination of vines and vineyards in western Australia’s Swan Valley. Aquaessence’ an appreciation of water as an essential energy
a life force running through us. ‘Something fishy @ Riseborough’ water from a fishes point of view

Earth’ its rejuvenation and our connections with it‘. Moments’ - exploring moments when we are present

West to East‘-a personal expression of moving interstate and dealing with change’

Bayside and Beyond’ a diverse exhibition of paintings and sculptures inspired by varied landscapes and their impacts

Elements’ an exhibition of vibrant paintings and mixed media sculptures and exploring an appreciation of the Elements, Fire, Water, Earth, and Air; their pure energy, impact and our interaction with them.

Connections observations of urban life contrasted with vast spaces in nature exploring connections we make in our lives, relationships and our interactions with different places. 

Contemplations an exhibition of paintings and sculptures exploring a cross-section of subjects in nature and some aspects of what it means to be human.' Impermanence' an exhibition exploring change.'Venice Reflections'paintings in various media, sculptures and poetry inspired by a month-long residency in Venice in 2017. 'Unity the way forward' an exhibition and co-creation with Leila Ashtiani exploring unity. Symbioscenes an exhibition inspired by the interdependence of all life. 'Threads of Light' an uplifting exploration of light and hope -paintings created during lockdown due to covid. Earth and Sky stories inspired by our symbiotic relationship with the earth, its fragile ecosystems, and ramifications for critically endangered species


2001 'Transformational Moods' ( Moores Gallery Fremantle Western Australia) 

2003 'Journeys' (Gallows Gallery Mosman Park Perth Western Australia) 

2004 'Vineworks' (Houghton Winery Gallery Swan Valley Western Australia) 

2005 'Aquaessence' (Gallows Gallery Mosman Park Perth W.A)

2005 'Vines 2' (invitation exhibition for Spring in the Valley at Houghton Winery)

2005 'Something fishy' @ Riseborough (Riseborough Winery –Gingin WA)

2007 'Earth' Monart Studio Gallery Dalkieth

2007 'Artopia' studio open

2009 'Moments' Kingfisher Gallery West Perth

2009 'Recent Works'  Perth Concert Hall

2009 'Studio' Art exhibition

2010 'West to East' Suburban Gallery Brighton Melbourne

2011 'Bayside and Beyond' Without Pier Gallery Hampton Melbourne

2013 'Elements' Yering Station Yarra valley

2014 'Connections' Gasworks Art Park Melbourne

2015 'Contemplations' Without Pier Gallery Melbourne

2016 Dec-Jan 2017 'Impermanence' Yering Station Art Gallery Yarra Valley Victoria

2017 April -Artist residency and group exhibition Venice-Biennale Fringe

2017 Changing Seasons Hawthorn Studio Gallery

2018 Venice Reflections Without Pier Gallery Melbourne

2019 Studio exhibition with jeweler Gillian Hillman 

2021  'Unity the way forward '-Space2b ArtSpace Gallery  St Kilda 

2021 'Symbioscenes ' Gasworks Art Park Albert Park 

2022 'Threads of Light 'Monstalvat  and Space2b Artspace gallery

2023 Earth and Sky Stories 26 Advantage Road Gallery Highett Melbourne 

Selected Group Exhibitions:

1992  Paper, People, Planet, (Singapore)

1993  Frames of Mind, (Singapore)

1995  Great Gifts (Johannesburg)

1998  Artists against Racism (Pica  Perth)

1999  Mosman Moods Art Awards 

2000  Woolstores Art Awards (Fremantle)

2001  City of Melville Art Awards

2002  City of  Stirling Art Awards

2002  Second Biennial Art Exhibition East Fremantle Primary School

2003  Mosman Moods Art Awards                    

2003  Newman Arts Festival (Newman College Perth)

2003  Eclectic exhibition (Gallows Gallery Mosman Park Perth)

2003  Feature Artist of the Month ( Gallery 360 Subiaco & Mt Lawley)

2004  Mosman Moods Art Awards(Mosman Park)

2004  Hale Art Exhibition (Hale School)

2004  Artitude (Burswood resort)

2004  Mount Lawley The Journey (Gallery 360 Mt Lawley)

2004 Third Biennial Art Exhibition East Fremantle School

2004  Rivers and Parks A Personal Perspective (Constitutional Centre of WA)

2005 Stirling Art Awards WA

2005 Mosman Moods Art Awards WA

2005 Artitude Perth Convention Centre WA

2005 Vincent Art Awards-WA- Winner award of recommendation

2005 Rich Memories-Artplace gallery studio WA

2005 Code Red  Art-Christmas exhibition

2006 Feature artist of the month Gallery 360 Subiaco (‘Fragments’)

2006 Hale Art Exhibition

2006 Gallerie B Ballingup group show ‘The Golden Egg’

2006 Perth College Art Exhibition 

2006 Artitude Perth convention centre

2006 St Hildas Art Exhibition 

2006 Treasure Box Monart Gallery Dalkeith

2007 Fine Art at Hale

2007 MLC centenary exhibition

2007 Artitude  -Perth 

2007-Jan 2008 Beyond Blue Lumiere Gallery Cottesloe

2008 Perth College Art Exhibition

2008 Artitude Perth 

2008 Fine Art at Hale

2008 Kingfisher Gallery

2009 Fine Art at Hale 

2010 Pink Lady  Art Exhibition Melbourne

2011 Small Painting exhibition Brunswick Street Gallery Melbourne

2011 Seaview Gallery Queenscliff

2012 Cliftons Art Award Melbourne(finalist)

2012 Bayside Art Show

2012 ‘Little treasures’International art exhibition” Bologna Italy

2013 ‘San Valentino‘ International art exhibition Vico del Gargano Italy

2013 Toorak Sculpture Exhibition Melbourne

2013 Cam Art Melbourne

2013 Bayside art show

2013 Melbourne Art Show

2014 Toorak Sculpture Exhibition Melbourne

2014 Winter Lights Panoply Gallery Melbourne

2014 Linden Postcard show Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts  

2014 -2015The Great Mandala sculpture exhibition Toyota Community Spirit Gallery Melbourne

2014 9x5 Exhibition Walker St gallery Dandenong Victoria

2014 Belle Arti Prize Chapman and Bailey Gallery Melbourne

2015 Bayside Art Show Sandringham Yaught club

2015 Celebration of Colour Panoply Gallery Melbourne

2015 Linden postcard show Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts

2015 ‘Little Treasures ‘Galleria De Marchi, Bologna.

2016 ‘Coolart’ Coolart Homestead Somers Victoria

2016 Mesac Easel Art Exhibition Beaumaris Yaught club

2016 A4 Art Australia Herring Island Melbourne(Victorian Contemporary Art Society)

2016 Toorak Village Sculpture Exhibition Melbourne

2016 Bayside Art Show

2016 Toorak art walk

2016 Linden postcard show

2017 MESAC Easel Art Exhibition Beaumaris yacht club

2017 Hawthorn Gallery Summer Exhibition

2017 Linden Postcard show Domaine House

2017 Paintings for Peace Space2b ARTSPACE

2018 MESAC Easel Art Exhibition Beaumaris yacht club

2018 Laneway mural artists group show ArtSpace Space2b St Kilda Melbourne

2018 Linden Postcard show Linden New Art Melbourne

2018 Paintings for peace-Space2b ArtSpace

2019 Mornington Arts show

2019 Melbourne Affordable Art Fair AAD Gallery 

2019 MSWPS (Melbourne Society of Women's Painters  and Sculptors )annual exhibition 

2020 Monsalvat (Victorian Bushfire Fundraiser)

2020 Linden postcard show 

2020 MSWPS Melbourne Society of Women Painters  and Sculptors) annual exhibition 

2020 A4 Art Hering Island (Victorian Contemporary Art Society)

2021 Linden postcard show 

2021A4 Art Hering Island (Victorian Contemporary Art Society)

2021 MSWPS Melbourne Society of Women Painters and Sculptors)annual exhibition 

2021Firestation print studio members show 

2022 A4 Art Hering Island (Victorian Contemporary Art Society)

2022 Bayside Local -Bayside Gallery 

2022 Beaumauris annual members show 

Corporate commissions:

Saatchi & Saatchi- Singapore  

Space Partnership Singapore

Deutche Bank  Singapore  

Kiwi Crafts Singapore 

Concord Shopping Centre-Singapore 

Art 2 Singapore 

Naesa Collection Singapore 

Azure Capital Exchange Plaza Perth

DS Designs Sydney

Marti Portfolio Melbourne

Without pier Gallery,

Panoply Gallery

City of Port Phillip - Imagining Laneways Mural

M3 Resort Peschici Italy


Imagining laneways St Kilda (sponsored by City of Port Philip)

Space2b Shopfront 

Nedlands Primary school poolside area

Toyshop Singapore 

Prithipura infant home Sri Lanka


People Solutions  Subiaco Perth (paintings entrance)

Barrack and Associates (Subiaco)

Kalbarri Visions Resort 

Various Private collections in  Perth Melbourne Brisbane, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa,UK, Germany,New Zealand

Art Prizes:

2005 Vincent art award of recommendation 

2012 Finalist in Clifton’s art prize Melbourne

2013 Special recognition award Light space-time online gallery

2022 Beaumaris art group Highly commended

Professional Memberships:

Bayside art advisory committee 2013-2016

NAVA.Melbourne Society of Women Painters,Victorian Artists Society

Firestation Print studio

Publications :Feature artist in Spring edition 2023 of Quadrant Journal of the C G Jung Foundation for Analytical Psychology 

Voluntary work

-Voluntary service overseas 2years Sri Lanka

-Sacred heart mission and St Vincents Soup kitchen 

-Reiki for cancer patients 

-Establishment administration marketing PR installation curation of exhibitions at ARTSPACE gallery Space2b St Kilda. Mentoring and support individual artists and newly arrived and support of events festivals and workshops 

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